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Sports Injuries

Have You Sustained A Sports Injury? Physical Therapy Can Get You Off The Bench!

Sports injuries include any kind of injury received when partaking in physical activity. It does not matter whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior. If you get hurt exercising, you should be assessed by a physical therapist!

If you have recently experienced a sprain, strain, broken bone, or any other injury while participating in sports or physical activity, give us a call. Integrity Therapy Group will get you off the bench and back into the game! 

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How Can Integrity Therapy Group Help Me Recover From Sports Injuries?

Our physical therapists are experts on bodily movement and maintaining optimal function. After completing a complete assessment of your health, they will prescribe a tailored treatment plan based on your unique needs to help you reach your goals.

Manual therapy, stretching to promote balance and mobility, and strengthening exercises to improve the affected area and surrounding areas to improve range of motion and minimize scar tissue can all be part of your recovery plan.

Common Types Of Sports Injuries

The most common forms of sports injury include:

Shin splints

Shin splint pain is caused by tension exerted on the shinbone and the underlying connective tissues. Shin splints are painful and frequently debilitating, but by wearing proper footwear, warming up before exercise, and strengthening the muscles of the heart and leg, you can prevent them.


When a ligament linking one bone to another is stretched beyond its limits, a sprain occurs. When it happens one time, it is more likely to happen again.

Strain or “pulled muscle”

A strain is also known as a “pulled muscle,” and it occurs when a tendon that connects the muscle to the bone extends the muscle beyond its limits. The tendon is more likely to be strained again after it has been overstretched.

Knee injuries

Your knee is one of your body’s most complex joints, and it is also one of the most commonly damaged. Knee problems can range from minor aches and pains that stretch from your hip to your knee to more serious issues like an ACL rupture.

Shoulder overuse

Sports can place significant stress on the shoulder, especially with repetitive use in throwing, lifting, reaching, and pulling. This is complicated by the extensive motion in the shoulder resulting in strain of the rotator cuff tendons, ligaments, and labrum.

Physical Therapy Can Help You Relieve Sports Injuries

We recognize the importance of your sport to you, and our therapists are well aware of how much you enjoy being on the field or court.

Sports can make a person’s life so much better! That is why your performance, recovery, and comfort will be our top priorities here at Integrity Therapy Group. Call us today at (256) 764-1442 to set up an appointment; we will get you back to your favorite sport as soon as possible!