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Do you find yourself having difficulty doing ordinary tasks like getting up from a low chair, standing for a long time, or walking long distances? Often, with being sedentary, a change in activity level, post-pregnancy, injury, or post-surgery you will lose muscle mass and strength. This makes it hard to do many activities we used to take for granted.

Your muscles make you move and support your skeleton and joints. Poor muscle strength and control lead to abnormal strains on your joints, ligaments, tendons, heart, lungs, digestive system, and more. Being weak and inactive significantly increases your risk for heart problems, diabetes, stroke, and more.


There is a SOLUTION, physical therapy! When you are in pain, injured, weak, or deconditioned, it is important to identify what muscle groups are involved. Integrity’s Physical therapists are uniquely qualified medical specialists trained to do this. In physical therapy, your individual problems will be evaluated and a treatment plan thoroughly put together to gently get your normal strength and function back. In addition, the therapists at Integrity Therapy Group work with you, to teach you what to do to maintain your strength and prevent future problems.

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